Find out how the ex-head of a multi-million pound UK training division

left a six figure income to start an online marketing business

I want to help you achieve all the success you deserve.

Even if you think that success is currently beyond your wildest dreams….

No matter what your pathway in life has been so far, If you are prepared to dedicate the time and effort to grow a profitable online marketing business.

I will happily share all the knowledge, skills and expertise required to enable you to finally…..


Live the Life you truly Desire!


Cease trying to work everything out with your mind, it will get you nowhere,

If you live your life by Intuition, Inspiration and Imagination….

Your whole life will become be a Revelation!

Adapted from Eileen Caddy  – Footprints on the path

Mission and Purpose

My mission is to help transform business education and the way people learn.

My Purpose in life is to enable everyone to have the ability to make a significant difference in their lives and those around them.

I firmly believe that the exact formula to our Best-life already exists within each of us.  What most of us really need are the tools and techniques that will enable our inner ‘spark’ to finally ignite!

After more than 25 years in the Learning and Development business, I came to realise that there is another way to develop: as a Person, as a Manager and as a Leader.


Today, in business and in our everyday lives, we have to engage quickly and effortlessly in a different World than the one that our parents grew up in.  We need to be able to adapt and fit comfortably into environments which are often: ambiguous, chaotic, challenging, stressful, emotional and….. very tiring! 


We need those unique skills and attributes which are not (unfortunately) taught in the average High School, University or even Business School!

We need those beliefs and capabilities which will help set us free to live our dreams and our lives…. on our own terms!

Whether those terms are creating a successful online business, or building more success into your current career.  I want to work with you to help you achieve more.

My partners of choice are Six Figure Mentors (SFM)

I joined the SFM community because I wanted to develop an online business for myself and have access to some of the very best online marketing tools and the personal support which is currently out there.

Through my SFM affiliate membership, I gained a lot more than I had anticipated – I had access to an incredible amount of online (video based) training,  as well as, powerful coaching and mentoring, from proven, highly successful, professional experts.

And because I was really serious about developing an online career, I found that through upgrading my membership I had access to the SFM’s own Digital Marketing Academy (DEA), which enabled me personally to find the knowledge and the confidence I needed to fully launch my online career.

Here is Stuart Ross – Co-founder of the SFM