What could you achieve if you unlock your true potential?

The only question to ask yourself, is what would you like a lot more of in you life?

Time Freedom

Imagine what a life with time freedom would be like.  What new hobbies could you start? Where could you go travelling? What new adventures could you begin?

Financial Freedom

Imagine a life with total financial freedom, How could you help those people whom you love and care about more?

Personal Fulfilment

Imagine what a truly fulfilled life would mean to you, your family and your friends,  How would you live your life differently?

Self Development

Imagine what a life of continuous self-improvement and self growth could possibly mean to you and your connections, What impact will you make?

Essential Membership  (Earn While you Learn)

Essential will work for you if you are fairly new to internet marketing, irrespective of whether you do or don’t currently have any products or services to sell. As an Essential member, you’ll get access to SFM’s entire training library of marketing & advertising strategies at a standard level. You’ll also get access to the Digital Business Lounge where you will be able to create beautiful websites, that are ‘business ready’. In addition, if you do not have any of your own products to market yet, you can start marketing SFM’s memberships, as well as their partners’ products and services.

Price $297 for the first month. $97 thereafter.

Elite Membership  (Grow a significant online business)

Elite is for those members who wish to benefit from private coaching in developing an online business further, as well as personal development and mentoring from Internet millionaires and founders of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.  Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek, along with other invited professionals in their field, who will train and guide you in the many different advertising and marketing strategies they use. There is also a live and interactive webinar each month.  In addition, Elite members benefit from free access to the Linked-in Learning portal, where you can access over 6,000 courses.

Price is just $2500 per year.

Over 6,000 virtual courses at your fingertips…

SFM/DEA, have partnered with a truly global platform for online courses – LinkedIn Learning. With over 6,000 virtual courses and counting, SFM Essential members now have full access to learn any skill that interests them!

“We’re excited to add this massive value at no extra cost to our Essential members because continually working to increase the cutting-edge education we give to our Community is a promise we take seriously.”

The LinkedIn Learning platform empowers you to boost YOUR value. Whether you’re not yet sure what you want to do and are keen to try a few interesting things for the right fit, or you’re already settled on an area of knowledge that you want to take next level, these streamlined courses will get you where you want to go in your life. Taught by industry leading experts, you’ll be able to learn any new skill, on any device, in the fastest way possible – no hassle, no extra fees, simply what you want when you want it!


Here are just a few course examples so you can get a taste of the limitless possibilities:

  • Marketing – SEO, Social Media Platforms, Content Strategy, Analytics 
  • Creative – 3D Animation, Website Design, Audio, Photography, Video et
  • Developer – Apps, Gaming, Software Platforms, Cloud, Databases etc.
  • Computer Aided Design – Architecture, Product Design, Interior Modelling etc.
  • Business – Management, Leadership, Presentations, Finding Talent etc

You’ll be amazed at the wealth of know-how at your fingertips. And whatever you want to become an expert in, you’ll always be able to stay ahead of the curve because LinkedIn constantly updates their training to match changes in technology and the marketplace

Start Right Now On The Future You Have Been Waiting For

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