How SFM Works With Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

How it all works

We Live in a digital age, there are now more than 3.7 Billion people using the internet…  Yet, despite this, almost everyone still has a traditional working life, earning a set amount of money, for a set amount of the work or time that they provide, so why today are there less than 1% of us earning a comfortable living online?

Earn While You Are Learning

The SFM has been designed to help new online entrepreneurs to get started quickly and easily, without any prior knowledge or experience necessary.
The comprehensive range of online courses and tutorials provides all the knowledge that you will ever need to know.  Furthermore, the SFM system provides you with all of the tools you will need to get started very quickly, including websites, landing pages, sales funnels and a whole lot more….

Here is Dan Holloway – A (very) Successful SFM Digial Entrepreneur

SFM offers a very simple to follow “earn while you learn” affiliate marketing system. You can potentially make money when you promote the SFM memberships and partner’s products and services. All You need to do is market the SFM business and our coaches will take care of selling to your potential customers for you. Where they will make a sale for you and you will earn the commission.

Take Your First Step to A New Future…

Get Your Free Video series and learn how to build a business and a life that you will LOVE!     

You will get  – Step By Step, Fully Modular Training

The SFM training program provides individuals and small business owners the opportunity to quickly start or grow a thriving online business venture that can be run from anywhere in the world. All of the modules are designed as hands-on and you will benefit vastly from the support of the community and a personal business coach as you progress through through the system. At each step you will complete actions that will enable you to build your business, mindset and online presence, allowing you to grow your company as quickly as possible.

You will be able to – Create beautiful websites with the click of a button

Digital Business Lounge is a WordPress based platform that allows you create fabulous websites with a simple click of your mouse. If you have no previous experience there are also step by step video guides to get you set up quickly. With access to many, fully functional themes, it is easy to set up a site for whatever business you want. With the options to build specific landing pages, as well as tracking tools to ensure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, this system can be used in the majority of all online businesses.

The Simplest And Fastest Publishing Platform For Lead Capture Pages!

Simple Lead Capture is a highly effective plug-in to turn your marketing ideas into a ready to go marketing page, in just a couple of minutes. With this software it is no longer time consuming to create lead capture, download and/or thank you pages. In just a couple of clicks all these pages are set up and there is no time consuming coding or design required.

Additional Features of joining the SFM Community:

  • Hundreds of hours of training (Pick and choose what’s relevant to your journey)
  • Additional training webinars from the most successful mentors and coaches in the online world
  • Full 1:1 technical support
  • Ready to use advertising materials
  • Ready made web pages to market
  • Live events all over the world
  • An entire sales team selling for you
  • Multiple weekly webinars on a wealth of topics
  • Masterminding with other members
  • Community spirit and support
  • Webmaster tools (graphics, website creation, landing page creation, tracking tools and more)
  • SFM Forums where masses of ideas are shared

Weekly Master Marketing Webinars

The SFM master marketing webinars are run by highly experienced affiliates who are already achieving extraordinary results in their business. They will share with you their strategies and how they are getting their results, and also answer your questions live on the webinar.

Although you can indeed create the life that you truly desire through working with the SFM, please be aware, that the results you achieve will be down to you, your dedication, some hard work and your own abilities. This is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, this is not ‘multi-level marketing’, nor is it ‘pyramid selling’ (which are both against the law).  Please do read our Affiliate Disclaimer from the link at the bottom of the page.

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